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The Strangest Secret | The Strangest Secret

What defines success? Check out this strangest secret and find out more…

via The Strangest Secret | The Strangest Secret.

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Love and Loyalty

The members of the “Greatest Generation” are leaving us behind one, by one. My dad, a part of that generation I miss more and more the older I get. He believed that you could do anything if you put your whole being into it. No matter what no one could keep you from accomplishing your destiny in life because with God’s help you would get there. He had standards.  Standards to hold up for integrity,conduct, dress,loyalty and living. You treat others with kindness but you also do your best to take care of your family and those you were responsible for. Most of all he had faith in the power of love. Not the “love” we hear about in the songs of today with empty lyrics but the love that is stronger than death. The love that goes through all things,sacrifices for another, and lasts for always. I miss that most of all about not having my dad here. The reassurance in his voice when he talked to me about that love and holding on till the end. That’s what’s missing today–love that’s stronger than even death and loyalty till the end.  Coach John Wooden, also a member of that great generation, left us this year; he summed it up in this video done by ESPN. His talk epitomizes what it is that I miss the most about them and the time they shared with us.

Are you a “Johnny” today? Watch this and see how even the little things that we do can have a profound effect on those around us and make our surroundings better for everyone. It’s contagious… Check it out.

Simple Truths of Service | The Simple Truths of Service Movie.

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Homepage – Avon Hello Green Tomorrow

Homepage – Avon Hello Green Tomorrow.  Help future generations. Leave them a healthy planet.

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Paper Airplane | Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane | Paper Airplane. This is really thinking outside of the box. Just shows how much we are really limited in our view of life and its potential. Take a look at this…

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Mistakes That Keep Us Poor

Discover the secret to whose taking your hard-earned money. The economic crisis in Greece is a prelude of things to come. The positive news is that Kip Herriage(Wealth Masters International) outlines the specific steps you should take to survive the coming economic transformation of your financial future. Find out today what to do to protect your finances. Get access to the full “Conspiracy Against Your Money” here.

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Only a Loser Would Go on a Journey Without “The Map”

 Here is my second book review for booksneeze…

Only a simpleton would try to go on a journey without a map; yet many of us take the most important journey of all with no direction–the journey of life. The Map, the Way of All Great Men by David Murrow tackles this lack of direction with a work of fiction that pulls the reader into Murrow’s world. One can feel, taste and smell the events as they come at him.

The first chapter “Out of the Black” plunges the reader into darkness where the he feels the pain and bewilderment of the main character as though he were there. Never a dull moment, the book is part intrigue,part mystery, part spiritual and at the same time, The Map addresses the stages in the journey of life that all men face. Murrow is dealing particularly with the spiritual aspect of men’s journey to manhood– struggling between toughness, and tenderness— struggling for balance.. Women reading this book will gain  insight into the struggle men have discovering what  manhood actually is. Women will gain a better understanding of how to approach the men in their lives with support during the ongoing “manhood struggle” throughout life.  This is a great followup to Murrow’s book Why Men Hate Going to Church. This is not your usual spiritual growth and insight book. This is a rollercoaster ride to a better understanding of what drives and motivates men in life which helps both men and women in  relating to each other and you won’t go to sleep reading it!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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Starting a New Venture

I am about to embark on a new venture in business. I’m still learning and sharing the things I learn that make online network marketing successful. When I feel like I’m  getting down because things are not moving as I would like, I have to give myself a kick in the pants and try again. I found this article on my many searches on the “net” for info to help me on my entrepreneurial journey to success and I am sharing it with my fellow travelers in cyberland.

How Changing One Word Can Change Your Life

By Tamarisk Saunders-Davies

This word is basically on my banned list when I’m working with my counselling clients. I’ve called out almost every client I have ever worked with on this word because of its damaging ramifications. And if you were to pick one at random they’d probably say yep, she totally said that to me.
This loathed word is can’t. If any of my counselling clients happen to be reading this now they can probably hear my voice in their heads saying ‘there’s no such thing as can’t, there’s only won’t’. And I totally believe that.
Sure you can’t fly, you can’t turn your legs into wheels and you can’t develop psychic abilities. All those things are the boundaries of our existence, the givens of our world. The natural laws that we are all bound by can not be changed in those ways…psychics may prove me wrong on some of these but not for a while I think.

So what do I mean when I say ‘there’s no such thing as can’t, only won’t’. Let’s use an example:

* I can’t go on holiday this summer

* I won’t go on holiday this summer

The former statement implies you have no choice in the matter. The latter begs the question “why not?”. Why won’t you on holiday this summer? You can’t afford to pay for it or you don’t want to make some short term sacrifices to save up the money for your holiday? The choice is always yours. Plenty of people CAN (and do) save up the money to go on holiday so it’s not a REAL can’t.
You can’t leave your job even though you hate it. Maybe you’re choosing not to leave your job because although you loathe it, it feels safer than being in the job market. You’re making that choice. The choice is up to you. There’s no judgement, none at all, in admitting the job market is a scary place to be and it’s not for you right now. That’s totally fine, but don’t lie to yourself and say you can’t leave your job. Reframe it by saying ‘I choose not to leave my job right now. I don’t enjoy the work I do but I do like the secuirty this job offers me right now’.
Try it for a bit in your own life. Every time you say you can’t do something, question it. Is it that you can’t or is that you don’t want to? What changes do you notice? How hard was it? Has your understanding of your choices changed?

Article Source: Articles Engine

Tamarisk runs a specialist counselling practice focused on providing counselling for career-orientated women struggling with issues of self-esteem, self-confidence and relationship difficulties live happier, more fulfilling lives. Visit her at Two Chairs Counselling

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Social Media—The New Revolution

The new world… The last of the baby-boomer generation of which I am a member is now approaching retirement age and we are caught between two generations, our aging parents and our own families we are providing for. The “greatest generation” that my father was a part of are dwindling down to a precious few. Their stories of  WWII, “the big one” will soon be a quiet memory or entries in  history books gathering dust in the library.

 My generation is keeping up with the new ways to communicate while trying to deal with an economy that is not in the traditional corporate or industrial mode. The “establishment” as it was called has let us down. They have not kept their promises of a secure retirement in exchange for our services in the corporate world. In this atmosphere of uncertainty, many baby-boomers along with being health and wellness conscious are entrepreneurial and home business opportunity seekers. We are trying to gain some control over our own lives to improve the quality as well as our ability to direct our own destinities. Through all this, we are caught up also in a new revolution-the changing face of communication…instant communication. There is less direct physical contact, sometimes not any. The old parameters of privacy are little to non-existent. To compete in the business world, we must engage change and adapt. Into the void of interpersonal communication steps social media with a combination of relationship formation and the immediacy that the new generations expect. We, the boomers have to “go with the flow”.

It’s great in some ways to never lose contact with our friends and share daily events; to see the baby pictures and the weddings. It’s sad in other ways because books are gathering dust. Love letters on perfumed paper aren’t read over and over.People don’t make “small talk” anymore and there is no “new news” to catch up with when we see friends face to face. There are not “old times”  to think over or people to miss because we can see them on big and tiny screens and everything is “updated.”

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Does it Really Make Sense?

I recently joined a program at sponsored by Thomas Nelson Publishers. The program allows you to receive and review books before they are officially released. Free books…I’m all for that. Love to read.  This is my first book review for a book by Douglas LeBlanc —Tithing

 “In these uncertain times, does it really make sense to tithe?” This is the question that the author of Tithing sets out to answer in this book from The Ancient Practices series which explores traditional spiritual disciplines used for centuries in the Christian Church and tithing is one of these disciplines. Tithing, in my opinion fails to answer this question.

The book contains a collection of stories about different families and individuals that tithe.  The collection of stories recants the importance of tithing in the daily lives of these people but it fails to illustrate the connection of tithing to the spiritual promises of God and the biblical discipline’s relationship to spiritual growth. It only discusses how each family views tithing in their lives but not if tithing “makes sense.” The author does try however, to convey the results of tithing as compassion, generosity and joy. 

Perhaps relating how tithing causes reliance on God for daily needs and through this reliance and sacrifice, the tither draws closer to God,one may make sense of tithing as a way to grow in a relationship with God. The collection of individuals in the book was growing closer to God through their practice of tithing.  A reader of Tithing would have to put this together himself because the book was somewhat of a “dry” read.  LeBlanc did well with his research and with putting a collection of such diverse believers of the Christian world together in one place with a common practice—tithing.

If you are looking for a book to reassure you that tithing is a discipline that God requires of a believer, this would not be it. If you are looking for reassurance that you are not alone in tithing, this would be encouraging.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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