Posted by: deemckay | July 20, 2010

Love and Loyalty

The members of the “Greatest Generation” are leaving us behind one, by one. My dad, a part of that generation I miss more and more the older I get. He believed that you could do anything if you put your whole being into it. No matter what no one could keep you from accomplishing your destiny in life because with God’s help you would get there. He had standards.  Standards to hold up for integrity,conduct, dress,loyalty and living. You treat others with kindness but you also do your best to take care of your family and those you were responsible for. Most of all he had faith in the power of love. Not the “love” we hear about in the songs of today with empty lyrics but the love that is stronger than death. The love that goes through all things,sacrifices for another, and lasts for always. I miss that most of all about not having my dad here. The reassurance in his voice when he talked to me about that love and holding on till the end. That’s what’s missing today–love that’s stronger than even death and loyalty till the end.  Coach John Wooden, also a member of that great generation, left us this year; he summed it up in this video done by ESPN. His talk epitomizes what it is that I miss the most about them and the time they shared with us.


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