Posted by: deemckay | February 9, 2010

Opportunity to Reach out

Learning to “tweet” is useful to building an online presence which helps build your business. I have  fine-tuned my twitter account using twitterfeed, gotwitr and twabbles.  All of these applications are very useful  for getting out info of value to other network marketers.  Another very useful site for networking and sharing info for business building is the social network of Linkedin. There are many groups within Linkedin that are entrepreneur in nature and have discussion boards with insightful tips and knowledgeable networkers posting questions and answers  about business building. Another network just for business people is Betternetworker website. Subscribing to their RSS feed gives one access to all kinds of business news, alerts and articles from other networkers. Of course there is the biggie of social networking sites—Facebook. One can join groups, meet like-minded entrepreneurs and share ideas, games ,virtual gifts and the ever-present threat of a pillow fight with FB friends. Other networking sites are Peoplestring, where you get paid to check your email and surf the net, and Direct Matches, where you can advertise and post a business profile for free. All these sites are opportunities to reach out; share your info; make friends and also earn an income.  Get familar with them, use them to increase your contacts and have fun meeting all the great people out in cyberworld. Also read my post on “Safe-lists” to build your business on my MLM Builders blog. See ya next time.



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