Posted by: deemckay | February 3, 2010

Home Business–not enough

I’m still on the home business success trail–blogging, tweeting and clicking on emails of other business opps, earning those credits for my email blasts.  This should be enough to fill out one’s day and it does but I am still not totally satisfied. Book reviewing has been added to my list. I like to write and I just didn’t get around to this dream of mine because  of family obligations.  Book lets me read books for free and post reviews on my blog. So look for some literary commentary also here.  Also in the MLM networker world, one of our fellow marketers got the “YouTube slap” which is account suspension. Mia Davies my FB friend and leader in network marketing got all her accounts suspended and lost a lot of her informative videos—totally wiped off the Internet. Her advice to everyone is not to have more than one account on YouTube, store your videos on another online site, save copies of your videos, and keep a good attitude.  Great way to be, Mia. Best wishes for your success.



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