Posted by: deemckay | January 12, 2010

Twitter Not a Threat

A recent study by Strategy Analytics found Google and Facebook to be the most desired brands to have on a mobile phone. Not a big surprise, given the companies’ respective dominance in search and social networking on the desktop Web, which is quickly extending to mobile. More unexpected is that Twitter would ran 16th out of 24 brands in the U.S. despite its mobile-centric format and the reams of publicity the microblogging service has generated. Ahead of it were more established brands including Yahoo,, iTunes and MySpace, according to the research firm’s survey of 439 mobile users in the U.S. and the UK. “(Mark Walsh, MOBLOG Dec 21, 2009)
According to this article, Twitter is not a threat to FB or other social media of the “FB ” format.  But social media in general is seen as a vehicle for serious marketing efforts in the year 2010. There are even going to be departments to analyze what is needed to reach potential clients through social media. Facebook is placing tighter privacy controls  to protect its users. Maturity of social media may even cause consolidation of the major players in the social media scene such as Twitter  and Facebook.  With all this emphasis on social media, business owners and home business entrepreneurs can feel confident that social media will be around in the future and can still provide a vehicle to reach the public with their message.  The quality and presentation of their message may have to be refined and designed to reach their audience in an increasing competitive environment as the heavy hitters with more revenue start to move in and utilize social media also.  Until now, the larger commercial companies had not tapped into marketing with FB and other social media. This gave the small business owner and home business owner a chance to compete in marketing with the free avenues of social marketing. With the “big boys” moving in, we the entreprenuers will have to concentrate  on making our presentation streamllined and continue to provide value to our potential clients along with offering them our service or product. This is what separates us from being “salesmen” and just looking at clients as potential dollar signs. We can still keep the personal touch between client and the service provider that has been lost in the modern post industrial world. In the fast paced internet world, we can offer something that no large commercial company selling goods and services can offer. We can offer value, quality and the personal touch when conducting business.  We get to know our clients and what they want. We can provide info that they need.We develop a relationship that introduce a “caring element” in our business interactions. We can do a major part of this through communication via social media; something the “big boys” with their marketing revenue haven’t taken time to do much of before now and probably won’t do in the future.


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